Jamin Pishro Navid Co

For 3 years eurojobfinder.com has been the ‘go to’ website for people searching for a job and businesses who are looking for talented people to hire.

We might sound like just another website, but we’re actually a group of people who love doing what we do. And what we do is simple. We point people in the direction of the jobs they want and companies in the direction of the people they want.

It’s an exciting time to come work with us. We are regularly looking for talented individuals with energy and ideas that will build good relationships with the existing team and customers we help.

Our culture here is based on trust. We are transparent and candid, in order to get the very best ideas, and ultimately work to do the right things for everyone, always.

We are building a company where talent can thrive and flourish and we reward people for doing good work.

If you like the sound of who we are and what we stand for, get in touch. We might just have the right job for you.